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Spray Painting

We pride ourselves with having a clean facility and paint booth, which is fully lined and cleaned daily to produce the highest quality product possible. Our aim is to provide excellent repairs, reduce your inconvenience and maximize your satisfaction. We will make sure your vehicle is repaired, the right way.

  • Waterborne mixing system
  • Finest quality of paint brand is used
  • Perfect colour matching using a spectrometer
  • 3 year warranty
  • Environmentally friendly

Scratch Repair & Paint Touch-Up

If your paint is compromised, moisture will attack your bodywork and rust will form. Paint touch-up can be effective on paint chips, nicks, scratches, rust spots and bumper scuffs. Our technicians are able to expertly match the paint colour your vehicle by using a computerized system and a specific colour code located on your vehicle to protect your investment from rust and further environmental damage.

Headlight Restorations

Headlight repair is not just an aesthetic issue, it is a safety issue. In just under 30 minutes, our expert technicians repair / restore your headlamps to their factory condition. This is a simple, affordable solution for improving not only the overall look and value of your car, but your visibility in the car, and the visibility of your car to other drivers. Superior Autoworx also offers a headlight refurbishing, which includes a UV coating to extend the life of your headlight clarity. Do not be fooled by cheap buff products.